Reasons To Get A Personal Injury Lawyer Now – Mississippi Car Accident Statistics

Mississippi car accident aftermathBased on the research done by the US Department of Transportation, there are over 6 million car accidents that take place annually. If the accident is a typical fender bender and no one is injured, the accident can usually be handled by your insurance company. According to that accident statistics, every 14 seconds, a related injury will happen and that someone will die every 12 minutes. In Mississippi, this resulted in nearly 600 fatal car accidents in 2010 alone. That number has risen since.

When a death or serious injury occurs, the possibility for problems and litigation go up dramatically. Drivers do know what to do when a fender bender occurs, but some don’t know that it is a must that they should call a personal injury lawyer.

You have to get the names, addresses and insurance information of the drivers or witnesses involved in the scene. Call the police to make a report about it. Remain at the scene until an officer arrives and cooperates in preparing the accident report.

Once injuries are on the scene, there are additional steps for you to take. Having yourself checked by a physician is the first thing that you have to do. You won’t need a lawyer if the bruises and wounds that you obtained would heal quickly.

If it is proved that the injuries are severe, then this will be noted in your medical records which will be a part of the accident report. Do not delay treatment for your injuries because once you do, it would be a lot difficult to prove the injuries and the accident.

The great need for a personal injury lawyer arises when a person is suffering from severe injuries like whiplash, broken bones, paralysis, or death

Expect that once you file an injury claim, the insurance company will not be happy with that. The company has no duty to make sure you recover what your claim is worth. What matters most to these insurance companies is the amount of money that they would be able to save and not how much you would receive.

As much as possible, do not deal with the company on your own because you might say things that can reduce the value of your claim. Don’t think that you case is different from other insurance customers because the company always experiences handling people like you every day.

The things that will benefit you if you get a Mississippi accident lawyer include: the lawyer will be able to help you get the right value for your claim and your rights will be protected as well. Lawyers are aware of what laws you should apply to your case and you will receive the fair amount of money that you need to.

If you receive the right amount of compensation from the insurance company, that’s the time that personal injury lawyers get their pay. If the lawyer wasn’t able to help you get money from the insurance company, then you have to pay him or her either way. The lawyer gets a percentage of the fee paid to you by the insurance company which probably serves as his incentive.

Statistics show that when there are car accidents, the potential for injuries is high. But if you know what to do and who to call during instances like these, then somehow, you would calm down.